Setup Your Plumbing Correctly before Leasing Your Home

Whether you are an occupant who has quite recently leased a property, or you are a proprietor leasing your home interestingly, you may be uncertain about who are in charge of pipes repairs if they happen. A pipes issue could happen whenever, and its something that individuals are confronted with every day. So its vital[…]

The Toilet Gets Stopped Up Whatever the Reason Is

Take the plunger to the bathroom once in a very whereas is traditional within the average yank social unit, however if you discover that you just got to use the plunger often as a result of your potty is obtaining insured, then you’re most likely facing a much bigger plumbing drawback somewhere. Your tank might[…]

Reasons to Trust Plumbers Catford

In case the drain of your toilet or kitchen is giving you a hard time and no matter how many times you try to make it work, it never gets better than it is time to call a professional. You should always have the emergency contacting number of a plumbing facility like the Plumbers Catford[…]

Plumbers Catford

In case you own a house, you must be familiar with all of the things you have to complete before the end of the day. You have to take your kids to the school, you have to get them ready, you have to cook for them, go to work yourself, make sure the clothes are[…]

Tips to make your life hassle free

Calling someone each time you have a minor plumbing problem is not a wise thing to do. You might have to spend hundreds of pounds every month just because you couldnt handle small plumbing jobs by yourself. For the bigger and difficult plumbing issues, you can always call our company Plumber Catford. We can help[…]

Plumbers Catford for Solving Plumbing Situations

A really simple but annoying issue that you might experience is in the form of plumbing backflow. When it comes to a bathroom appliance, for the prevention of this issue, various devices can be used to create a gap of air between the outlet that supplies water and the potential level of water at its[…]


In this day and age when stress has become unbearable at times, we need to unwind and relax. Some would go to the salon or the gym, some would opt to go to the spa. Although the idea sounds wonderful, some of us do not have the luxury of time and money to do so.[…]

Tips to choose the best Plumber

Want your gutter cleaned, leaking washing machines fixed or any plumbing service done, you need to choose your service provider very carefully. If you select any plumbing service provider without knowing much about them, you may regret your choice. There are many points which should be taken care of before dialling any service providers number.[…]

What Services Do Plumbers Specialize Indoc

If you have ever encountered the toilet plumbing situation, you might agree that it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you are going for installation or replacement, you have to take care of three things, the water inlet, the floor drain and the inside of the toilet. In order to avoid leakage[…]

System Drain

There can be many reasons to drain a central heating system, for example you could have a pipe or a valve leak that requires repair. It could be the installation of a new boiler. The process is not too difficult. However if you need to do this and are not confident, you should call a[…]

The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors

The (APHC Ltd.) is a UK trade body especially formed for the plumbing and heating industry in England and Wales. If you see the name, you can be sure it is one you can trust. Ever since 1925 they have supported plumbing and heating contractors from the bigger company down to a sole trader who[…]

Repairing Seats

Regrinding or Renewing the Seat.If a tap continues to drip after you have replaced the washer, the seat is probably worn, allowing water to leak past the washer. A simple way to cure this is to cover the old seat with a nylon liner that is sold with a matching jumper and washer. A Catford[…]

Split Pipes

Should a pipe split you can be sure that there will be some damage, and this could be small or large, serious or not so serious. The actions taken and the speed will dictate this. The worst case scenario would be water coming into contact with your electrical supply.So below are some actions to take[…]

Rate of Flow and Pressure

Flow: This flow rate is usually found by working out the volume of water that can flow compared to the time span.Example: A 6ltr bucket takes 6 seconds to fill up, so the flow rate has to be 1litre each second. Mains Gauge: An important gauge that provide gives an up to date pressure measurement[…]

Lost Boiler Pressure

Boilers that feed a central heating system, can at some time suffer from loss of water pressure. The pressure gauge on the unit is a good guide and indication of the system pressure. How does this actually happen and what can be done to resolve it. Loss of pressure may be down to a water[…]