Lost Boiler Pressure

Boilers that feed a central heating system, can at some time suffer from loss of water pressure. The pressure gauge on the unit is a good guide and indication of the system pressure. How does this actually happen and what can be done to resolve it. Loss of pressure may be down to a water leak in a pipe or even a failure in the expansion equipment fitted, resulting in relief valve damage. Catford Plumbers are a fully qualified plumbing service. Having constant pressure is important and in most modern combination boilers is kept by the flow of cold water supply through a mechanism known as the filling loop. The system can be re-pressurise through this loop. Study your boilers manual to see whether you can re-pressurise it yourself. Or you could employ a professional like a Catford Plumber to do the job. How To Manually Re-Pressurise a Boiler:1). Find the filling loop and site the pressure gauge. Make sure that the gauge can be seen while using the filling loop (the best pressure for any sealed system is 1.5bar). This filling loop will use a silver flexible tube with two handles, for off, the handles will sit across the pipework. Slowly move them so they are sitting in line with the pipework. You will hear water running through into the boiler. 2). Carefully monitor the pressure gauge reading as it climbs back up and into the green area or the 1.5 bar sector marked on the gauge. Once this is achieved you can return both handles back to their original positions.It is possible to put too much pressure into the system if you dont watch the gauge carefully. Should you not feel confident or dont have any help it is a good idea to call a professional.

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