Close-Coupled WC

Tools Required:Adjustable spanner, screwdriver, pipe detector, (locates buried pipework in walls), power drill with twist or masonry bit.Many different lavatory designs are on the market. They will compliment almost all home interiors. One particular style is called the close-coupled WC.The close-coupled cistern sits right on the pan and seems to be a very popular style.[…]

Clean Water with a Magnet

Magnetic cleaners for central heating system pipework are widely available these days, with lots of companies producing them at reasonable prices. Catford Plumbers supply and fit magnetic cleaning units. This appliance operates by routing the water holding the metallic particles through a Magnetic Field that traps them.The central heating system in your home will more[…]


The good old domestic boiler is a great and very reliable appliance and serves us well and are usually trouble free, but like everything else, it might some day need some tender loving care. These units of course will always choose the most inconvenient moment to fail. A good time is usually when you need[…]

Waste pipe (solvent-weld joints)

Solvent weld joints for plastic waste pipes.These come in a huge variety of forms, from bends and straight connectors to compression / solvent weld adapters and inspection pieces. Catford Plumbers are a fully qualified company.Cutting plastic waste pipe.When cutting, you must allow for the extra length needed in the fitting. Insert a piece of pipe[…]

Supply Valves

The many valves used in plumbing to control and isolate supplies are usually made from brass hence the term brassware. Some are covered with a chrome finish. These valves allow maintenance and repair work on the plumbing without draining the whole system down. Switching them off and then on again every now and then should[…]

Noise in boiler and pipes

If your boiler or heating pipes are making hissing or banging noises, you should address the problem immediately. Ignore it and you might find yourself needing expensive repairs or even a new boiler. Catford Plumbers carry out a first class plumbing service. The majority of boiler problems require the skills of a?Gas safe Register Approved[…]

When pipes freeze

If you suspect that you have a frozen pipe, you can always call a professional service like Catford Plumbers . If you find yourself without water, the first thing you need to do is check whether your neighbours are also affected. If they are, the lack of water will most likely be caused a problem[…]

6 DIY Plumbing Points

1). A perished washer in your water cistern will fail eventually. If you need to use a wrench chrome work you should cover first to prevent scratches.2) Find your main stopcock is so that it can be isolated if need be. Catford Plumbers can show you the location. Many valves seize up over time if[…]

5 Tips to remove limescale

Limescale forms from hard water, and while its not harmful to our health, it can cause a lot of problems. When not treated for long periods of time it creates deposits. These deposits clog plumbing and creates plumbing issues. Hard water is the culprit and creates limescale if not treated straight away. Trained plumbers like[…]