The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors

The (APHC Ltd.) is a UK trade body especially formed for the plumbing and heating industry in England and Wales. If you see the name, you can be sure it is one you can trust. Ever since 1925 they have supported plumbing and heating contractors from the bigger company down to a sole trader who run professional, and honest services. They are a non-profit trade body, who have two main goals:Provision of industry support for professionals, which allows them to save money and run a more profitable business.Provide recommended professional services to consumers which allow them to avoid rogue traders and dishonest individuals. Catford Plumbers know the association.All members of APHC Ltd, enjoy a number of benefits. They benefit from being associated with a trade body that represents quality and a professionalism. The APHC Ltd. represents, supports and also promotes the professional plumbing or heating firm. There are many more benefits like cost savings on a range of services. This includes a range of exclusive reductions on insurance, pensions, debt collection, fuel cards, MOTs, vehicle breakdown cover, loans, legal advice, card processing, gas notifications, training and more. If any member requires any technical, health and safety, employment or industrial advice, the association will be able to offer such assistance in those areas. The association also provides industry updates and news with various factsheets, advice guides, a quarterly member magazine and regular e-bulletins. The APHC knows everything there is to know about the industry, past, present and of course the possibilities for the future. In our current delicate economic climate, their advice and support is a great asset and gives peace of mind. A Catford Plumber is a busy professional.As a busy company individual professional you might not have the time to support yourself or to do the relevant research when you need it. The APHC will do it for you.

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