In this day and age when stress has become unbearable at times, we need to unwind and relax. Some would go to the salon or the gym, some would opt to go to the spa. Although the idea sounds wonderful, some of us do not have the luxury of time and money to do so.[…]

Tips to choose the best Plumber

Want your gutter cleaned, leaking washing machines fixed or any plumbing service done, you need to choose your service provider very carefully. If you select any plumbing service provider without knowing much about them, you may regret your choice. There are many points which should be taken care of before dialling any service providers number.[…]

What Services Do Plumbers Specialize Indoc

If you have ever encountered the toilet plumbing situation, you might agree that it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you are going for installation or replacement, you have to take care of three things, the water inlet, the floor drain and the inside of the toilet. In order to avoid leakage[…]

System Drain

There can be many reasons to drain a central heating system, for example you could have a pipe or a valve leak that requires repair. It could be the installation of a new boiler. The process is not too difficult. However if you need to do this and are not confident, you should call a[…]

The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors

The (APHC Ltd.) is a UK trade body especially formed for the plumbing and heating industry in England and Wales. If you see the name, you can be sure it is one you can trust. Ever since 1925 they have supported plumbing and heating contractors from the bigger company down to a sole trader who[…]

Repairing Seats

Regrinding or Renewing the Seat.If a tap continues to drip after you have replaced the washer, the seat is probably worn, allowing water to leak past the washer. A simple way to cure this is to cover the old seat with a nylon liner that is sold with a matching jumper and washer. A Catford[…]

Split Pipes

Should a pipe split you can be sure that there will be some damage, and this could be small or large, serious or not so serious. The actions taken and the speed will dictate this. The worst case scenario would be water coming into contact with your electrical supply.So below are some actions to take[…]

Rate of Flow and Pressure

Flow: This flow rate is usually found by working out the volume of water that can flow compared to the time span.Example: A 6ltr bucket takes 6 seconds to fill up, so the flow rate has to be 1litre each second. Mains Gauge: An important gauge that provide gives an up to date pressure measurement[…]

Lost Boiler Pressure

Boilers that feed a central heating system, can at some time suffer from loss of water pressure. The pressure gauge on the unit is a good guide and indication of the system pressure. How does this actually happen and what can be done to resolve it. Loss of pressure may be down to a water[…]

Close-Coupled WC

Tools Required:Adjustable spanner, screwdriver, pipe detector, (locates buried pipework in walls), power drill with twist or masonry bit.Many different lavatory designs are on the market. They will compliment almost all home interiors. One particular style is called the close-coupled WC.The close-coupled cistern sits right on the pan and seems to be a very popular style.[…]

Clean Water with a Magnet

Magnetic cleaners for central heating system pipework are widely available these days, with lots of companies producing them at reasonable prices. Catford Plumbers supply and fit magnetic cleaning units. This appliance operates by routing the water holding the metallic particles through a Magnetic Field that traps them.The central heating system in your home will more[…]


The good old domestic boiler is a great and very reliable appliance and serves us well and are usually trouble free, but like everything else, it might some day need some tender loving care. These units of course will always choose the most inconvenient moment to fail. A good time is usually when you need[…]

Waste pipe (solvent-weld joints)

Solvent weld joints for plastic waste pipes.These come in a huge variety of forms, from bends and straight connectors to compression / solvent weld adapters and inspection pieces. Catford Plumbers are a fully qualified company.Cutting plastic waste pipe.When cutting, you must allow for the extra length needed in the fitting. Insert a piece of pipe[…]

Supply Valves

The many valves used in plumbing to control and isolate supplies are usually made from brass hence the term brassware. Some are covered with a chrome finish. These valves allow maintenance and repair work on the plumbing without draining the whole system down. Switching them off and then on again every now and then should[…]

Noise in boiler and pipes

If your boiler or heating pipes are making hissing or banging noises, you should address the problem immediately. Ignore it and you might find yourself needing expensive repairs or even a new boiler. Catford Plumbers carry out a first class plumbing service. The majority of boiler problems require the skills of a?Gas safe Register Approved[…]