How to unblock a shower in Catford

Unblocking any kind of drain is never a fun job, and it can be really dirty too at times. What you should note is the fact that a blockage doesnt get that bad overnight. Usually, this may be as a result of many months of debris and muck that has accumulated causing the blockage in[…]

How to unblock a sink

There are times that you will be required to do some repairs on a blocked sink Catford?whether you are an expert or not. You will be called upon so that you may unblock the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen. The kitchen sink is the most common area where problems will occur. This[…]

Blocked toilet Catford

A blocked toilet or backflow, as it is often known, causes serious issues in the property. There are two main causes of blocked toilets:Back pressureBack siphonageWhen you want to know how to unblock a blocked toilet Catford, no matter what caused the blockage, you will need to be awareof several devices that can help you[…]