Heating breakdown repairs

Renewable energy source is solar system. Solar collector heating will provide sanitary water throughout the year and it can also be used for central heating installations during winter. Don’t hesitate to contact professionals for installation, maintenance and Heating repairs Catford to get the professional help and advice.

Advantage of solar heating in comparison to other heating models is in its ecologic acceptability and also in its independence (it can function even where there is no communal infrastructure). Although sun can be used to get electrical energy as well, it is still border-effective (in financial sense) due to high costs of photo-charging elements. Its main application in households is for water heating, as an addition to central heating system.

Solar heating system is complex technical system and before you choose to install one, it is necessary to acquire all available info about solar heating technology available in your country, so that you can know what you can expect, what are optimum solutions for your need, what type of solar Heating repairs Catford you can expect etc. All these information are available from customer service of our professional service that performs installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems in our area.

We can also provide boiler service. Boiler service is primarily maintenance action to ensure more efficient and longer function of the boiler. Practice shows that this function can be fulfilled only if boiler is regularly and professionally maintained. Intervals between regular maintenance checks shouldn’t be over 2 years.

Boiler is system that needs to function impeccably and its installation is complex project we approach professionally and with ultimate care and expertise.
We can also offer services of household gas installations and including in the system all individual users of the system (heating, cooking, warm water, production line, etc.)

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